A Visit to Delaware, 1909

I bought this little snippet of a couple’s lives at an antiques store a few days ago. It’s a studio photograph of Herbert and Margaret Hind, taken in Delaware in 1909. They came to Delaware from Lowell, Massachusetts – or so says the inscription on the back, at least.


Mr. Hind is super dapper in his nice suit and well-starched collar and shirt. Mrs. Hind is wearing a heavily embellished tea gown, with a multi-strand choker of pearls and a rope around her waist. The rope belt/sash coordinates with the heavy couched decorations on the torso and sleeves of her gown. And finally, I’m always impressed with how most, if not all, people in these older photographs have such nicely done hair. it’s a studio picture, so I’m sure they dressed up a little, but it’s still kind of impressive.


Mrs. Hind’s tea gown is very much like one in my own collection from 1911, below.


National Cloak & Suit Company tea gown from 1911, showing similar heavy embellishment on the chest and sleeves, elbow-length sleeves and wide-hemmed cuffs.

About Amanda Goebel

I'm an Anthropology / Fashion History and Material Culture graduate from The University of Delaware, currently working on a Master's in Museum Studies. I'm a living historian interested in costume and culture from years before. I love researching the mundane and the everyday that has changed or disappeared since. I re-enact the 18th century, and I recreate clothing from that time. This blog is where I'll write about my research and projects. View all posts by Amanda Goebel

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