The Ladies’ World, September 1907: A Selection


I like the seaside color scheme of navy, white and coral.


I love her outfit; so jaunty.


All this frufru and fluffiness and corsetry exists UNDER a dress …


Reusing old clothing by dyeing it. I’m wondering if the neon blaze-orange ink is a subliminal plug for the dye too.


Tie dyeing in 1907! 



Fashions for November 1907. Click on the image for a larger picture with more detail. And check it out in the upper right corner … it’s the G-D waist again!



How to properly fit a skirt.

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I'm an Anthropology / Fashion History and Material Culture graduate from The University of Delaware, currently working on a Master's in Museum Studies. I'm a living historian interested in costume and culture from years before. I love researching the mundane and the everyday that has changed or disappeared since. I re-enact the 18th century, and I recreate clothing from that time. This blog is where I'll write about my research and projects. View all posts by Amanda Goebel

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