So Yeah … Writing …

I’ve been away.

(“Thank you, Captain Obvious.” “You’re welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm.”)

Away, right now, means moving and finals week, with a side of holidays thrown in. The upshot is that I probably won’t be writing again until after Christmas or so.

In the meantime, I’m SUPER EXCITED to hear that the Historic Sew Fortnightly is continuing into 2015 with a monthly schedule, so I’m waking up the grey matter to figure out a project for the first challenge. More to come.

I finished by dad’s black and white waistcoat, but still have to write about how that did or didn’t work out. More to come.

I’ve received a lot of Victorian/Edwardian clothing that I can’t wait to take my camera to and show off here, and get some input on what’s what. It includes purses, a hat, underclothing, dresses, skirts and shirtwaists, all dating from about 1840-60 (still figuring out that date) up to maybe 1910. I very, very much want to reproduce some of it for my own wardrobe. More to come.

So yeah. Happy Holidays, everybody, and I’ll be back soon! 😀

About Amanda Goebel

I'm an Anthropology / Fashion History and Material Culture graduate from The University of Delaware, currently working on a Master's in Museum Studies. I'm a living historian interested in costume and culture from years before. I love researching the mundane and the everyday that has changed or disappeared since. I re-enact the 18th century, and I recreate clothing from that time. This blog is where I'll write about my research and projects. View all posts by Amanda Goebel

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