Old Pants!

I’ve been told the Irish invented them. Or Native Americans. Or whatever culture you feel strongly about or can claim ancestry from. Because descending from a culture that didn’t come up with pants for eons is a little embarrassing to us ‘Muricans.

Today, my award for best invention ever goes to the Chinese. Two 3,300 – 3,000 year old burials were recently excavated in the Tarim Basin, and yep, the dudes were wearing pants. Check out the weave on those things, too. Pretty snazzy.

So in the list of things we’re thankful for, thanks, 4,000 year old pastoralists, for pants. They rock.

About Amanda Goebel

I'm an Anthropology / Fashion History and Material Culture graduate from The University of Delaware, currently working on a Master's in Museum Studies. I'm a living historian interested in costume and culture from years before. I love researching the mundane and the everyday that has changed or disappeared since. I re-enact the 18th century, and I recreate clothing from that time. This blog is where I'll write about my research and projects. View all posts by Amanda Goebel

One response to “Old Pants!

  • witness2fashion

    Thanks for the link to the photo of those pants — I had read about them but not seen pictures. The text I read pointed out that the width of the crotch panel was probably related to horse-riding which left me wanting to take a new look at Tilke’s books.

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